Evelyn's Ultimate Pecan Pies

Evelyn's Ultimate Pecan Pies
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Box of (2) Sweet Potato Pecan 9" Pies

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Southern Pecan Pie

Umm, umm, Fabulous! What the kitchen guru has joined together...This is a marriage of our traditional pecan pie filling and our 'a little something special' sweet potato filling topped off with a dusting of pecans. Betcha you'll eat more than one.

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  • Team Blue Devil :

    Everyone here from Blue Devil wanted to say Thanks!  We received the pies in the mail two days ago and ate them all in about 30 mins.  They were awesome.  Thanks for taking the time to wrap them so carefully too.  They arrived in one piece and were fresh as ever.  I... Read More

  • Walter, E&S Gallery, Louisville KY:

    Thank you very much for the wonderful pecan pies. They were amazing...I feel like I'm a pecan pie expert...Filling: perfect consistency and the perfect amount.  Pecans: now I don't know were most people get there pecans, but yours must come from heaven...I didn't know you could have perfect pecans, but you found... Read More

  • Actress Kym Whitley:

    ....ooooooohh my God!!! Delicious!!! The packaging was beautiful!! The boxes and the taste was yummy.  About to warm up pie right now.... Read More

  • Dodi:

    That was the best pecan pie we have ever eaten and we are pecan pie aficionados! - Dodi Baker, Orlando, Fl. and Michelle Miller... Read More

  • Chef Amy Ponzoli, Le Cordon Bleu Atlanta:

    Tastes as good as mine without the work.... Read More

  • Mary Ann, AZ:

    I've died and gone to heaven... Read More

  • Darleane McCord, Gwen Weaver, Jackie McCord:

    It tastes like Momma's pecan pie... Read More

  • A Happy Customer:

    Wow- that's good!... Read More

  • A Happy Customer:

     I appreciate your military service and I appreciate your pies even more!... Read More

  • Andre, Homestead Technologies, Menlo Park CA:

    I have been a pecan pie guy for years. Not just any pecan pie will do mind you, for I am an out and out pie snob. Since my earliest childhood I've only had eyes for my grandmother's pies. She grew up on a farm in Winter's California, and she began mastering... Read More

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