Evelyn's Ultimate Pecan Pies

Evelyn's Ultimate Pecan Pies
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A Happy Customer

 I appreciate your military service and I appreciate your pies even more!

Andre, Homestead Technologies, Menlo Park CA

I have been a pecan pie guy for years. Not just any pecan pie will do mind you, for I am an out and out pie snob. Since my earliest childhood I've only had eyes for my grandmother's pies. She grew up on a farm in Winter's California, and she began mastering her pecan pie recipe around the time she turned nine. She passed away peacefully a few years ago, before I was able to master her handcrafted pecan pie masterpiece. Over the years I have eaten all kinds of pies, but none has come close to the perfection that was grandma's. Until now, Evelyn's is the only pecan pie I have tasted that can match the magic of my grandmother's recipe. It is definitely a must try!

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